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Hiya! I'm Nicole & this is Robin!

Just your average girl who wanted to see more of the world and the boyfriend came along for the ride.

Photo with books
Photo with books

The ultimate bucket list

We originally met snowboarding in Austria in 2010. He was the instructor, I the beginner - super cliche but there you have it. We're both Dutch and we dated during college and started living together in Rotterdam, The Netherlands after that. I graduated in Graphic Design and started freelancing and Robin started working in IT after he dropped out. 

I was headed in a direction where there was more work than play, a lot of ‘growing up’ was going on, and realized I didn’t do the traveling I’ve always thought we’d have done by now. 

Soooooo….how about no! I needed to course-correct. I felt like we still had so much to see, to enjoy, and to learn about what really makes us happy. 

That’s why I started The Adventure Book. Well.. amongst things. The original idea for the journal came because I was searching for a gift for my friend who loves to travel, more on that later...

But I knew it would be the perfect catalyst to create my new life around - my ultimate bucket list. Seeing me so excited and working on The Adventure Book, Robin got on board with the idea (he needed to mull it over a bit first - oh, men), offered to help with the business and started loving it as much as I do. We decided as a young couple that now was the time to form habits and traditions that will hopefully shape us into better people for the rest of our lives. 

The BIG why’s

I’m pretty chill, but, I definitely have major goals behind The Adventure Book and our travels. Goals for myself and for you.  

-   Inspire others to seek out adventure in their life (whatever that means to them)
-   Create lifelong memories

-   Become more openminded
-   Learn what happiness means to us

-   Become closer as a couple

-   And well, just fill up The Adventure Book with as many countries and experiences as possible :)

A journal for your most cherished memories

Like I mentioned earlier, the initial idea for The Adventure Book came as I was looking for a gift for my friend who loves to travel. I knew she likes to have something to think back on her wonderful travels, but she’s not the kind of person who would keep a daily journal during her travels.

I wanted a journal for her that would become her journal around the world - like the ultimate bucket list travel journal. And with that in the back of my head - The Adventure Book was born.

Personally, I don’t keep a daily journal when I travel either. I start with one page and then I kind of get stuck. So with this journal, I can just fill one page with my favorite highlights and memories and I’ll have every country I’ve ever visited in ONE journal.

Discover new places with me

Whilst creating the journal and doing research, I discovered so many beautiful countries I had never considered visiting or had even heard of. They are now at the top of my bucket list and I can’t wait to fill the pages myself. 

We want to share our experiences with you through videos and pictures of our travels and sharing bits and pieces from our own copy the journal.

I hope The Adventure Book might inspire people to get out there more often, travel off the beaten path and create their own stories that are meaningful to them.

Oh, and we'd LOVE to see how you fill the pages of The Adventure Book and where you're taking it to, so please tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #theadventurebook and share your creations! 

Talk soon!


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